08 January 2016

Ike and Felix Speak (But Mostly Felix)

It's been a while since I posted about the funny things my kids have said. It's too bad, because they say funny things a lot.

Me: Felix, on Sunday you will be a Sunbeam and go to Primary with the big kids! Are you glad you are a Sunbeam now?
Felix: Yeah, and I'm a child of God!

Referring to a picture of Stormtroopers.
Felix: Look! It's the white Dark Vaders!

Felix: Mom, are you going the speed lemon?
Me: Yes, I am.
Ike: You have to go the speed limit or else you will go to jail.
Me: Well, I'd get a ticket. You have to do something pretty bad to go to jail.
Ike: Yeah, like destroying the whole world. Mom, if somebody ruined everything in the world, Heavenly Father would have to make a new one.

On a few occasions, when Felix is upset that I'm not letting him what he wants:
Felix: Mom, you are naughty, and Santa isn't going to bring you any toys!

Me: You're a sweet little boy.
Felix: You're a sweet big mom.
Felix: No, no, I not a little boy. I'm a big boy. I'm a sweet big boy.

Everything Felix likes is "special."

We had some rice that got some bugs in it, so I'd have to pick the bugs out before I cooked it.
Me: Felix, we need to go make rice.
Felix: Yes! Let's make bug rice! But you can take out the bugs.

Felix cut his finger somehow.
Me: How did you cut your finger?
Felix: Ike was fighting and then he gave me blood. And I don't like the blood.

In general, we still hear a lot of messed up pronunciations and incorrect conjugations from both boys, especially "hitted," "putted" (not what you do in golf), and "hurted."

Felix let go of a balloon in our stairwell, out of my reach.
Felix: Uh oh. The balloon is up there. You can't get it because you don't have wings.

Felix: Can we listen to Primary music?
Me: Sure, what song do you want to hear?
Felix: Songs about Rainbows because I love that song, and it's a special song, and it's my favorite song.
We then listened to Kermit sing "Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows" on Spotify.

We lost power for a few hours in early December. It was a good chance to teach the boys about all the things in our house powered by electricity. Felix absolutely sobbed when he learned the Christmas lights on the tree couldn't be on until the power came back. It was incredibly sweet.

Another instance of Felix being sweet - in late December I took Trixie for her 4-month checkup and shots, and Ike for his five-year. Both kids cried when they got shots, and Felix almost cried while watching them.

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Feisty Harriet said...

Ha!! Kids are hilarious!