01 November 2015

Trixie: Two Months

With my first two babies, I've felt like 6 weeks is the magical time when I've adjusted to the new baby and life has reached a level of normalcy. Somehow, miraculously, I've felt like that with Trixie for about the last month.

Though she doesn't like to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, once she does go to sleep, she usually sleeps well, and that has been a great blessing for us. Most nights I get at least a six-hour stretch. We've had a few rough nights where she doesn't settle down until after midnight, but by and large, Trixie is a pretty good sleeper.

Trixie loves to eat and weighed 11 pounds and 12 ounces at her checkup last week. She turned beet red with anger when she got her shots. I nursed her for a couple of minutes afterwards, and all was well. Nursing solves nearly all her problems.

She started smiling this month, which has been delightful for everyone, especially Ike. He really adores his baby sister and loves to take any opportunity to touch her, cuddle her, and try to get her attention. Felix likes her too, but not quite as much as Ike does. On Sunday our bishop asked Felix if he would teach his baby sister about Jesus, and Felix talked to her for a few minutes about Jesus when we got home. It was really sweet.

Trixie is still on oxygen all the time (except I took it off for a few minutes to get a couple of pictures). I've taken her off her oxygen for short periods of time to see check her saturation levels without it, and she definitely needs it. Our next follow-up with a cardiologist is this month, and I think he'll confirm my suspicion that she will be on oxygen for several months. Having to haul an oxygen tank around when we go out is a bit of a pain, but it's become our routine, and I hardly notice it anymore. Having Trixie hooked up to the oxygen concentrator at home is also such a part of our lives that I don't notice the sound anymore.

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Feisty Harriet said...

Oh my goodness, her little face!!! I'm so glad she's doing so well, and that your boys are (to various extents) loving having a little sister.