23 July 2015

Silver Linings

I have less than five weeks to go until my scheduled induction. I'm hoping to push my induction back because I'd prefer to deliver closer to 39-40 weeks rather than right on the 38-week mark. And yet, I am so tired of being pregnant this time. It has definitely been my hardest pregnancy, and with the post-delivery health challenges Trixie is going to have, sometimes I just feel really grumpy. I've been feeling so whiny and overwhelmed, that I decided to make a list of silver linings:

  • I am going to have some amazing post-baby sleep. There will be pumping going on at night, but there will also be a nurse doing the diaper changing and other stuff. (Trixie will not be allowed to breastfeed until a few days after her surgery.)
  • There is a mini-Ronald McDonald House inside Primary Children's Hospital. I can sleep there if I can get a room reserved early enough in the day. I can eat food from the stocked pantries there all day long. I can also stay in the sleep rooms provided in the ICU as long as I get one reserved early enough in the day.
  • When the boys come to visit their sister and they get bored, I can take them to areas in the hospital where they can play, and Eric can spend time with the baby.
  • Our last visit to the cardiologist was more positive than the first, and we have reason to hope that Trixie's valve replacement will not need to happen as soon as we thought. The longer we can wait, the more likely she can avoid open-heart surgery.
  • Primary Children's Hospital has quasi-daycare for your non-patient kids when you are going to outpatient appointments. So I don't always have to bother people to watch the boys when we go back for our checkups.
  • I am going to have a lot of down-time in the hospital, and I am going to crochet and read like a crazy person.


Ana said...

Lovely to hear that you are still crocheting. Did you learn to knit too? I can't remember.

Feisty Harriet said...

Goodness, woman! You amaze me.


Leighana said...

Good silver linings. I remember being really impressed with the Ronald McDonald House when I spent some time in the hospital with my cousin.

Roseann said...

Add to your list that your baby isn't being born during RSV and flu season. Not only will your baby not be so new during that time, but also the children's hospital didn't allow any non patient children in to visit. That meant they couldn't come see Jayden (unless we wanted to wheel them down to a lobby). They couldn't even us the facilites that are meant for siblings that you mentioned. One more silver lining that you CAN use those. Love you, and you can do it! You and Trixie and in God's hands.

Roseann said...

Ahhh, I needed to read through my comment before I published it. I think you get what I mean. When we were at the hospital with Jayden in FEBRUARY, they didn't let any children in that weren't patients.