05 September 2014

An Update on the Yard

Just a quick back yard update. (For reference, a previous post about our back yard.)

This was Eric working away during his Spring Break in April. You can see there were lots of weeds, a dead Christmas tree, and a few other trees that did not survive the winter. Most of the plants that we had gotten from his parents and his aunt in the fall had not yet woken up.

And here we are now. The sprinklers have been installed (mostly by Eric and his dad). The dead trees have been replaced with live trees. Most of the transplants from other yards have survived, and we've supplemented by purchasing other plants as well. We will definitely have to do some rearranging this coming fall (too many purples together, and too many yellows together in other spots), but overall we are loving our yard. We are especially big fans of the echinacea. I've seen hummingbirds flying around that plant numerous times. The lowest level doesn't have sprinklers, so Eric "borrowed" some Arizona sunflowers from some empty lots. They don't require much water, and they've done great on that level. We had some lavender on that level too (also drought-resistant), but it hasn't done nearly as well.

There is still so much to do (mostly by Eric), but we are loving the yard. I especially love standing at my kitchen sink and seeing so many flowers.

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