29 July 2014

A Decorated Bedroom

Before we moved into our house I decided I wanted our master bedroom to be painted some shade of peach. I was inspired by some magazine I read, probably in a doctor's office. Eric willingly went along with this plan. He did most of the painting, which included painting the coffered ceilings. Pretty, they are. Easy to paint, they are not. Once the paint was totally on the walls and we'd had a chance to see it in various levels of light we both realized the peach looked awfully pink. I razzed Eric over the last few years for having a pink bedroom, but he didn't care enough to bother painting it again. Darn that coffered ceiling. (To be fair, in the daylight the wall color is definitely more of a peach color.)

At some point I bought green sheets and a green bed spread to help level out the pinkness. It certainly helped, but it was one very small step. This year I've done a lot of things to get our room looking nicer and definitely less pink. Around Valentine's Day I bought some dark brown curtains. Even when they are open they help to break up the pink. In April I brought home a fake tree from work. (We moved offices and a whole bunch of office decor was free game.) I also brought home a pretty framed print of Ireland, but we like to pretend that it's New Zealand. (It's just a hilly area with grazing sheep, so it's totally feasible that it's really New Zealand.) I painted our night stands, which Eric got at a thrift store a few years ago. I wish I had pictures of them in their original state. Alas. Finally, I bought a headboard for $25. Eric sanded it, and then it sat in the garage for a couple of months. We bought some paint and painted it last week, and now after 9+ years of marriage our bed finally has a headboard.

And the pictures:


Jenn said...

Looks great! I finally made a headboard this year, mostly so our bedroom wouldn't look so dorm-like when we were trying to sell. But then we moved to our new house 5 months ago and still haven't hung it up! Don't know why the smallest projects take us so long. Anyway, good work.

Jana said...

I like it! And I see what you mean about lighting - I think it even looks peachier in the mirror reflection of the wall. I've decided that I want my bedroom furniture to be dark brown (it's currently a yellow-ish tan-ish wood) but I want to die every time I think about the work that would entail, so I'll wait until I'm old and rich and can hire it out :). (don't ask me how I'm going to be rich when I'm old, I haven't worked out those details yet...)