20 June 2014

The First Few Dallas Days

I grew up in Dallas, and my parents and two siblings still live there. We hadn't been to visit since the November 2012, when Felix was a few weeks old (and just before Ike turned 2, because we didn't want to pay for his airfare).

After driving about 15 hours from the Durango area to Dallas, my kids were ready to get out and do some fun stuff. First, we went to the new splash pad near my parents' house, and the kids loved it.

I was surprised by how quickly and readily my kids warmed up to my parents, especially Felix who is more introverted and doesn't do very well with people he doesn't know. Ike cozied right up to my dad, and my dad read several books to him during our visits. (Despite my dad's disgruntled face, I'm pretty sure he enjoyed reading the same books over and over and over again to my little guy.)

Another day we met up as a whole family and rode the Dallas transit train into downtown. This ended up being one of the highlights of the whole trip for Ike. He loved getting to play with his older cousin, and his older cousin loved getting to be the big boy. We also saw an outdoor art exhibit that was very large and rather odd.

On a rainy day when we had planned to visit the zoo, we opted to instead visit a free electric train museum in Plano. It was a bit of a drive from where we were, but it was indoors, and it was free. The boys were decently behaved in the tour of the old electric train car, but their favorite part was definitely the model train inside.

The docent who gave us a tour of the electric railway car told us about a nearby playground with a tank. My husband is my husband, so we had to go play there.

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Jana said...

I love when kids acclimate quickly to family members they don't see in person often. And I think any grown man would be hard pressed to hear about a tank-centered playground without stopping :).