06 September 2013

Felix - Eleven Months

People that see my little Felix doing things that pretty much all eleven-month-old babies can do are usually blown away because they think, based on his rather small size, that he is only about six months old. He's just a tiny little guy. I'm hoping we'll blow a few more people away in Jackson Hole tomorrow when we enter Felix in the Diaper Derby (which Ike won two years ago, by the way). Felix isn't a walker yet, so he's still eligible for the competition.

A few other things about this guy:

  • He puts everything in his mouth.
  • When his mouth is empty, he babbles a ton.
  • He still spits up. A lot. 
  • He is too busy to nurse very well, and he's weaning himself.
  • He is obsessed with Ike, and sometimes they play well together.
  • He loves trees.
  • He signs "all done."
  • When he gets excited, his entire body gets involved, and it's delightful to watch.

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