06 July 2013

Felix - Nine Months

Felix is such a delightful baby. He's getting very curious and adventurous. He loves to find things to put in his mouth, and he also loves to eat. He loves eating so much that he regularly overeats. He also gets very noisy while you are feeding him if you take to long to shove another spoonful in his mouth.

In the last month he has transitioned from army crawling and now mostly crawls on his hands and knees - until he remembers that army crawling is so much faster than regular crawling. He occasionally pulls himself up to standing, but for the most part he isn't that interested in things beyond the floor - thank heavens.

Felix is still obsessed with his older brother, and every now and then Ike expresses interest in Felix too. It has been nice to watch Ike gradually become more interested in (and very rarely, concerned about) Felix.

I'm glad this little guy is a part of our family. (In this picture he's chowing down on the remnants of an ice cream cone, after swimming at Grandma Great's house.)

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