06 October 2012

Big Day

I have never written it on my blog, but I've not-so-secretly been hoping Felix would be born on 6 October 2012. Written in the (stupid) American system it looks like this: 10/06/12. That's a nice looking number. But it's even better when you remember that Ike's birthday is 6 December 2010 or 12/06/10.

Yesterday my doctor stripped my membranes. I hoped it would work, but I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket. It didn't work with Ike.

Then I started having regular, painful contractions last  night. And they've kept up and are increasing. I'll head to the hospital in a little while. And I'll most likely have a baby today.

Now, to figure out his real-life name.


allicat4 said...

It's a great day for a baby to come! Good luck!

Janssen said...

Hooray! Can't believe he's almost here!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is going well!!!
-Rebecca Dalmas

Leighana said...

Yay! That's so cool.

Packrat said...

Hope all is well. :)