18 September 2012

A Weekend in Park City

There were several times last week when I was very tempted to write a post that said, "I'M GOING OUT OF TOWN THIS WEEKEND WITH ONLY MY HUSBAND AND NO TODDLER!!!!!!!!!!!" Except that I never wanted to announce to the Internet that I was leaving my house for the weekend.

But now I'm back, so I can announce that I went out of town with Eric this weekend and without Ike! It was delightful.

Eric's work had a little retreat that was really not at all work-related and all fun-related. We stayed in a nice hotel in Park City and ate great food. Eric and his co-workers got to go down the aerial ski hill thing. Here are pictures.

Eric went down the little hill a number of times. This picture is from his first jump. Apparently it's much harder than it looks. (All I know for sure is that if this work retreat had happened at a time when I was not so very pregnant, I would have been all over this activity, even though we would have had to pay for me to participate.)
 You can just barely see Eric in the shot on the left, but this was after he went off the "bigger" slope the first time. (It's the slope on the far right.) He is in the air and about to land in the pool in both shots. They fill it with bubbles right before somebody lands to help soften the landing. It's really quite clever.

 And here's Eric getting ready to go on the big hill a few more times.

And also we went shopping and bought Eric new clothes for his birthday.

And we watched the BYU vs. Utah game. In Park City. Probably the most hostile place we've ever watched the game. And to top it off we watched the first half in a bar with Eric's co-workers. Double the hostility. We kept pretty quiet. And then the co-workers decided to go out to other bars, and we watched the rest of the game in our hotel room while consoling ourselves with a Cadbury Fruit and Nut chocolate bar.

We were so excited to pick up our little boy. We expected him to be excited too, but he didn't really care that we came home. I guess that means he was in good hands. And also that he won't be bent out of shape when we pawn him off on relatives when Felix comes in the next few weeks.

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Roseann said...

That looks like so much fun! What a cool retreat!