27 August 2012

Mt. Timpanogos Hike - 2004

Today Heidi posted about her hike up Mt. Timpanogos. It reminded me of my own hike up Timp back  in 2004. The more I tried to remember about the hike, the more I realized that the whole day is actually quite fuzzy. So I whipped out my old journal, but it hardly gave any details at all.

Yesterday was awesome!!!! Heather, Eric (from such events a s camping, canoeing and FHE) and I hiked Mt. Timpanogos. We took all day. Well, it was about nine hours in total, but that was because we spent about an hour at the top just enjoying the view.

I've decided that I definitely am a fan of Eric. I would not be opposed to spending more time with him. :)

And then I moved on to other things. I'm a little sad that I didn't share more of my memories of the hike. When it really boils down to it, it was the lead-up to the hike that is really worth telling.

Heather (my roommate) and I had been wanting to hike Mt. Timpanogos for a while. Neither of us had a car. We had originally planned on doing the hike with our other roommate, Priscilla, who did own a car, but she always had school stuff she had to do on Saturdays. (If I remember correctly, she was taking some kind of film class that semester, and she always procrastinated viewing her movies so she had to go to Saturday's showing.) Eric and his roommates were in mine and Heather's FHE group.* Heather and I figured we could probably get some of those guys to agree that hiking Timp was a good idea, and one of them would be the driver. So, during the treat portion of our FHE that Monday night, I said that Heather and I wanted to hike Timp but we didn't have a way to get there. Eric promptly said that he'd go. (And by promptly, I mean, promptly. We hardly had to ask and he was chomping at the bit to take us.)

Like I said already, I don't remember much about the hike itself. Lots of talking and singing, and me having a hard time with my knee. And then I was incredibly sore for a few days afterwards. I also remember telling Eric the next day at church that I was really sore, and he told me that he was not. I did not understand how that could be. I appreciate that my wussiness did not deter him from falling madly in love with me.

And here are some truly terrible pictures that were taken with a disposable camera, (Remember the days when digital cameras were not yet the norm?) then scanned on a lousy scanner.

*FHE is Mormon lingo for Family Home Evening. When you do not live with your families and attend congregations full of single people, you are often placed in FHE groups, and you get together every Monday night for a lesson that is almost always followed by a fun activity and a treat. The fact that Eric and I met by being in the same FHE group is a very stereotypical BYU story.


Ana said...

That Eric guy is definitely hugging you more Sherry ;)

Monk was asking after you two the other day. He wanted to know if you are ever going to move back to NZ or visit. I think really wants you guys to.

Jenn said...

That's awesome that you have these pictures and they're really not bad for being from a disposable! I have exactly 1 picture of me and Jared from our pre-dating days and I always wish I had more!

heidikins said...

I've been loving all the stories coming out of the woodwork (html-work?) about other's experiences hiking Timp!


Roseann said...

That's fun to learn about you guys! Love the story, thanks for sharing. =)

Janssen said...

This is so awesome to see after all this time!