09 November 2011

Sleep Sack

I made Ike a sleep sack this past weekend. We keep our house pretty cold at night, and we were frequently finding him not under the covers and fairly cold. In New Zealand, my friend, Makereta, made her boy a sleep sack, and I watched part of the construction of it, so I felt confident about putting this one together.

It is not fancy by any stretch of imagination. I took some fleece, cut it into two squares and sewed it together. I did cut a little neck hole, so that's the only part of the thing that isn't just straight. I did hem the arm holes and neck hole. And there is a zipper down the side. I did it by hand because I don't have a sewing machine, and the project was simple enough that I felt like doing it by hand would be a little tedious, but not overly cumbersome. I worked on it while listneing to some audiobooks, and it only took a few hours, spaced out over a couple of days.

Ike seems to like it well enough. Eventually he'll recognize it as a bedtime object, and it's possible he won't like it as much by then.


Packrat said...

Great idea. It isn't fun getting up several times in the night to cover the baby.

Funny how things go out of style and come back in. Sleep sacks used to be really common. Most of the older layette sewing patterns I've collected have sleep sacks as part of the set.

Erin Gong said...

I made some sleep sacks for Genghis a while back. He became very attached to 2 in particular. He has outgrown wearing them to bed, but he still takes them to bed and carries them around everywhere as his security blanket. it looks a bit funny. We call it his "fuzzy".