20 September 2011

Since My Last Post

Things I have been up to since my last post:
  • Spent a weekend with my brother and his family in Jackson Hole. My brother, his wife, their three oldest kids and Eric all ran the Old Bill's 5k. Ike won the diaper derby and made it into the newspaper.
  • Workworkwork
  • Made a cake from scratch for the first time ever. (Don't mock, Kiwi friends. You are just jealous you cannot buy cake mix for under a dollar. I can assure you that if you could, you would be lazy too.) It was for Eric's birthday, which was pretty low-key.
  • Workworkworkworkwork.
  • Genealogy - my OWN genealogy. I forgot how much I enjoy it.
  • Sweeping my kitchen floor. Babies are messy eaters.
  • Putting books back on bookshelves. Babies are only good at taking the books off the bookshelves.
  • Going on walks with Eric and Ike.
  • Preparing for a lesson I'll be giving at a genealogy fair to be held in a few weeks.
  • Fielding phone calls from people in my stake who want to use the stake center. (That's my church assignment - Building Scheduler. It's much more time-consuming than you'd guess.)
  • Becoming friends with various neighbors.
Will perhaps attempt to post more regularly.*

*Blatant lie.


Janssen said...

Love the little *

Packrat said...

Actually, I would have thought that a job as a scheduler, especially in a "larger" church, would be quite a chore.
So glad you are doing your own genealogy. It is fun, isn't it?! Also, wish I could zip down for the fair.
Happy belated birthday to Eric.

Jenny said...

my favorite item on your list:

becoming friends with various neighbors.

You'll NEVER regret that!

trishtator said...

Nice job on the cake, Sherry. I can only imagine that you nailed it the first time. There are advantages to trying things out when you're old enough to see over the countertops, and you know how to not burn things (generally).