24 October 2010

Great Pumpkin Cruise of 2010

I've written before about how much fun Eric is. We usually say that he is a little boy inside. In fact, this summer at the smaller L. family reunion, each family group was asked to bring an activity for everyone to enjoy. Eric brought water balloon launchers, and it was pretty awesome. While he was filling up over a hundred water balloons, his fingers started to get sore. He came into the living room of the condo where I was hanging out with his dad, his brother and a brother-in-law, and said, "Anyone who has a little boy inside of them should come help fill up water balloons." I replied, "I literally have one inside of me." But that is really just a tangent leading up to this year's Great Pumpkin Cruise.

I wrote a bit about the Great Pumpkin Cruises last year. This year we did it in three rounds - last Friday with Eric's friends, this past Friday with my friends, and Saturday with a huge flotilla of Eric's family members, plus a few extras. We had 11 boats and 31 people on the river. (Technically two of the people had to get off the river due to a screaming toddler. We were bummed the mom couldn't enjoy the trip, but we all appreciated the lack of unhappy toddler. Hopefully he'll be able to enjoy it next year!) There were some really fantastically decorated pumpkins, nobody tipped, and only a few canoes couldn't go in a straight line. We had a few other people who were planning on coming but bailed because of the impending nasty weather. The weather ended up being perfect, and I'm pretty sure that everyone who came thought it was worth their time.

Eric's hoping for a Christmas cruise this year, with battery-operated Christmas lights instead of jack-o-lanterns. I'm pretty sure it will be awesome, but I'm going to have a tiny baby, so I'll miss that adventure.

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Alice said...

I love this, wish we could come along. You know how much I love to carve a pumpkim. This year Sherman has plans not to give any candy away. Just buy some for the family---------BOO!!!