27 September 2007


Last night while cleaning up after dinner I began the necessary task of teasing my brother-in-law about the girl he is taking to Homecoming this Saturday. I asked him what classes they have together- only choir, which means he only sees her every other day. Then I asked him if he tells her every time he sees her "You have the eyes and hair of an angel." He answered in the negative. I then turned my obnoxious quandaries to Spouse, who was only half-listening to me annoy Andrew, and the conversation continued as follows:

Me: Why don't you ever tell me that I have the eyes and hair of an angel?
Him:Do you want me to?
Me: Of course.
Him: You have the eyes and ears of an angel.

There was of course, much laughing for this slip-up. And then the thought came to me that ears are a funny feature because you'll never (or rarely) say that somebody has attractive ears. But, you will notice if somebody has ugly ears. As far as ears go, they are just ears, or else they are homely ears.

Unless you are talking about me. My ears are angelic.


Kristy said...

Well, I must have a great husband because he has told me at least four times that he thinks my ears are attractive. Or maybe that's weird...

Sherry said...

You must have really amazing ears.

Or else Jared IS weird...

Sherman said...

My dad thought he had big ears. He said hiss buddies would have him ride in the rumble seat and hold his ears out to help slow the car down............Ask the grand parents to explain rumble seat to you.